Hey Hue takes on the holidays with Small Wonder, a pop-up art event featuring small works by Colorado artists on Small Business Saturday at Stanley Marketplace. With thoughtful, one-of-a-kind artworks and art objects made right here in Colorado by some of the state’s best artists, Small Wonder gives consumers a chance to do some real good this holiday season by giving the gift of art, buying local, and financially supporting artists. Small Wonder will feature a range of artistic styles, content, and media as well as functional art objects at or under $200.

Participating artists:
Drew Austin
Olivia Baker
Jackie Barry
Katy Batsel
Micheal Beitz
Phil Bender
Lauren Berley
Jessica Moon Bernstein
Chloé Besson
Sarah Bowling
David Clay Bridges
Mark Bueno
Katie Caron &
Marie Perrin-McGraw
Tony Clavelli
Michael Dowling
Jessye Ebbinghouse
Cory Feder
Lares Feliciano
Brian Fouhy
Sarah Fukami
Katie Gabriel
Nash Garton
Dylan Gebbia-Richards
Jennifer Ghormley
Jason Lee Gimbel
Stephanie Kantor
Conor King
Sarah Knutson
Johnny Lake
Noah Larsen
Marsha Mack
Kelly Monico
Sierra Montoya Barela
Dominic Muttel
Ashley Nason
Sean O’Meallie
Amy Odorizzi
Anne Pendergrast
George P. Perez
Heather Pfeifer
Bruce Price
Heather S. Pridemore
Jonathan Saiz
Meagen Svendsen
Leah Swenson
Frankie Toan
Cyane Tornatzky
Matt Tripodi
Kaitlyn Tucek
Rebecca Vaughan
Katie Vuletich
Joshua Ware
We Were Wild (Meredith Feniak & Risa Friedman)
Peter Yumi
Tony Zellaha
Mario Zoots

About Hey Hue:
Hey Hue is a new, experimental art agency based in Denver, created to promote artist entrepreneurship and art collecting. With a focus on affordability, Hey Hue democratizes the art buying experience by making original art accessible. It also provides artists with new and supplemental revenue streams to support their art practices and increase their collector bases. Hey Hue is dedicated to expanding opportunities for artists, increasing arts participation, and creating unique, irresistible arts experiences.


LOCATION: RedLine - 2350 Arapahoe St



  • Fri, Jun 22, 2018 - Sun, Jul 22, 2018

Events Calendar

RedLine’s 5th-Annual Juried Exhibition
Curated and Juried by Louise Martorano
Public Reception: Friday, June 22, 2018, 6-9 PM

The works featured in Rethinking Urbanism explore the social, cultural and political complexities of urban space. These complexities emerge in part through abstracted representations of density as with the work of Ramona Freeman, or the distillation of color that conveys a sense of bleakness as with Frank Lucero's "Traces of our Hands." The urban aesthetic and tone that connect the selected works all contribute to the defining of a metropolis-state. In this case, that definition takes shape in multiples and en masse, but with curiously a lack of human representation thus conveying a sense of urban isolationism rather than shared or communal space.

Artists: Vince Alfonso, Ahmad Alwazzan, Evan Anderman, Jan R Carson, Francsico Chavira, Ann Cunningham, Townsend Davidson, Marilyn Davis, Kelly Duffield, Robert Dutruch, Nicholas Emery, Nanette Fazio, William Ferraioli, Jessica Forrestal, Ramona Freeman, Katie Gabriel, Lindsay Smith Gustave, Rielly Heintz, Sam Ingo, Tsehai Johnson, Vicki Johnston, Gina Klawitter, Scott Lee, Frank Lucero, Max Maddox, Michele Messenger, Sophie Morris, Kim Morski, April Noble, Joshua Palmeri, Dallas Parkins, Ben Pond, Lina Sanchez, Gregory Santos, Leah Schretenthaler, Emily Scott, Madiha Siraj, Mary, Taylor, Mackenzie Urban, Janice Wall


Opening Reception for SYNERGY::Recent Art Graduates Exhibition. Join the artists of exhibit SYNERGY: Stephanie Kantor, Carissa Samaniego, Katie Gabriel, Ryan Wurst, & Olivia Davies. Curated by Mark Moffett. Enjoy live music Skyler Heck aka f-ether. Light appetizers provided. Wine and beer available for purchase.


RRCC Faculty Art Exhibit

A showcase of artwork created by RRCC Faculty and Instructors in the Susan K. Arndt Gallery at RRCC's Lakewood Campus.

  • Exhibition shows October 20 - December 1, 2017
    Monday-Friday, 7:00am - 10:00pm
    Saturday-Sunday, 7:00am - 6:00pm

  • Opening Reception Wednesday, October 26, 4:00 - 6:30pm


Apr 28 – May 20, 2017 | Works on Paper Gallery
Opening Reception Friday, April 28, 5 P.M. – 7 P.M.

The Gregory Allicar Museum of Art’s annual Master of Fine Arts Exhibition marks the culmination of a three-year degree program in the visual arts that fosters individual research and creative studio practice. Students in the program focus on a particular area of study and complete a mature body of work in their chosen field – art work is situated within the discourse of contemporary art practice. This year’s exhibition features work of Katie Gabriel and Tim Schwartz.



Dark & Obscure

(Denver, September 10, 2016)

Art Gym Denver is excited to present Dark & Obscure- an exhibition juried by Art Gym Program Director Michael Keen.

Featuring the work of Carolyn Berry, Melanie Bindon, Chris Blume, Sarah Bouma, Raimondo Briata, Corey Cook, Candice Corgan, , Corrina Espinosa, Anthony Fedele, Jordan Lyn Fickling, Megan Frauenhoffer, Katie Gabriel, Erin Gilbert, Noble Hardesty, Lori Hellstrom, Katie Hoffman, Izzy Jarvis, Anna Kaminski, Marjorie J Lair, James Leger, Monika Lemmon, Max Maddox, Cherish Marquez, Mark Pennington, Ingrid Porter, Desiree Richardson, Claudia Roulier, Rik Sargent, Kathleen Sherman, Kyle V Singer, and Kyra Winkle.

Dark & Obscure will explore the darker side of art by featuring artists concerned with topics of mortality, the afterlife and our perceptions of reality. Inside us all sleeps a child who still remembers fearing the dark – this show celebrates that memory.

Event Dates:

10.6.16 – 10.29.16: Exhibition on display

10.6.16, 5-8 pm Opening Reception–meet the artists of Dark & Obscure and enjoy light refreshment and hors d’oeuvres